Sunday, July 26, 2009

Be still

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

This is my new motto. When people ask me how I'm going and put BUSY? on the end of the sentence it makes me cringe. I tell them I am no longer impressed by busyness and then I tell them I am trying a new thing, that my new motto is to 'Be Still'.

The next question is usually - 'So Asta, how's that working for you?' Oh they of little faith. Yes I am a busy person. BUT I have been busier, and I am genuinely trying to find time to go into what I call 'the clearing' with God daily.

The other thing I am doing is making sure that the commitments I make line up with what I believe God has put me on this planet for. I'm trying to follow God's advice - it's so simple - make your yes a yes and your no a no. Try it. It is so empowering.

And just to prove I do what I preach - today is my second Monday off work. I have dropped Mondays in order to write (oh and to dance around the house with no audience!!!).

Monday, July 20, 2009

cellophane women

Today I bought the domain name ''. I'm excited.

I have a dream, prompted by a chance viewing of a documentary. I saw footage of a woman, recently widowed, soon to be thrown out onto the streets. Her crime? Her husband was dead and in India when your husband dies you become ZERO - a nobody with no name. In life she was considered half his life. In death she became a corpse.

Her tears were a steady stream with no end from deep within her broken soul. She haunted me for weeks. Then, one day while I was on holiday, I could no longer keep silent, and a story poured out of me - the story of the Cellophane Woman.

'Cellophane Woman' will be published as a picture book of hope for women of all ages. And will become a place of hope. There will be articles about widows from all around the world, and book and movie reviews and links to sites where widows can be sponsored.

Will you walk this journey with me? The book, the website? Will you dream with me for a better future for our sisters who are widowed?