Saturday, February 1, 2014

My photo essay of the shark cull protest.

Peace and harmony everywhere 
 Around 6,000 people turned up at Cottesloe Beach, in support of a nationwide protest against the West Australian government's shark culling program. AND I was there!

My activism has always been within my comfort zone (not sure if speeches are within my comfort zone actually), and protests have not been a part of that. Today I discovered that I can do it my way. I had no placard. I didn't get into the crowd where the speeches were taking place.

 I sat on the grassy hill in the shade, overlooking it all - with the elderly, the young families, the animals and I felt completely at peace... joyful and energised. All around me was kindness. Strangers meeting strangers. Animals being gently loved. We were all brought together by a common concern. I made some lovely connections. Animals are a delight. Humanity is good!!!
I really hope I don't look like this, but I just had to share a photo of me (rainbow hat) with my new friend Beryl. We sat together through the two hours of the official protest. She was really easy company. 
There were kind souls giving out free watermelon

Shark dog

A very mad cow

From my vantage point in the shade (with the babies, elderly and animals).


This is what delight looks like.

Even Anonymous is cross

Milly ( a rescue) and her human.

Where did these ducklings come from?

A man and his family

We don't want the sharks culled!