Monday, March 23, 2015

A recent commission.

Cayless - commissioned by a grateful friend and former employee. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

To blog or not to blog, and the pleasures of Instagram


Just touching base to let you know that I am around, just not terribly active on this blog. In fact I am considering if it is worth continuing the blog at all. Any thoughts? Tonight I can't even load a photo on here. Grrrr.

 Lately I have started putting more energy into my Instagram account. Find me at @asta_lander.
I find it appealing, as it is just the easiest from of social media out there. As a visual person it feeds me instantly.

 I opened my account years ago but I treated it as nothing more than a photo app and storage.

 Then I met other artists who were using it as a portfolio-on-the-go, I was able to put this into practise when I met a publisher (in the coffee queue) at the Perth Writer's Festival 2015. Out came the phone and my Instagram feed, She told me she has been advised to start an account.

My presence on Instagram isn't great... I am still very much a baby in that world, and I have much to learn. But it is a start, and it is pleasurable. Come and visit me. And if you are already there let me know who you are, or join up, and I will pop over and admire your photos.


Asta xx

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

52 weeks of joy in 2015.

It is the last day of 2014, and I am getting all excited about a fresh new year, though a little sad too - as it may be the last year of my father's life. Today is also the anniversary of my husband's father's it is an odd time. In many ways, because of this, this is what I am thinking - as I miss painting everyday (as I did in 2013), and I know how much art carries me through the ups and downs of life...and I love challenges, I have decided to set myself a 52 week creativity challenge.  I am including the list here so that you can join in with me.

The idea is to pick a prompt from the list each week. You don't need to stick to an order. Choose any medium...drawing, writing, mixed media, sculpting, sewing, audio etc. It can vary from week to week. Let your imagination play. 'Wings' could be about allowing yourself the freedom to do something you love, or angels, or birds, releasing pain, starting a project etc. 

I will most likely share my challenge on Facebook at my art page, and on Instagram where I am Orangelimemagenta. We could hashtag 52weeksofplay so we can share the experience. But of course we can just do this quietly, and in private. I haven't quite decided how I will do it myself yet.

Okay. Here is the list:

2.the kitchen table
3.fairy tales place
6.people watching
9.lost thing
13.wild thing
14.combine two animals to make one
16.from a book you love
17.a quote to live by
18.animal companion
21.junk drawer
22.on your soap box (something you feel strongly about)
23. An outfit
24.5 random items
26.wrapping paper/pattern
27. a refreshment
29.beneath the sea
30.something you hope for
31. Use three of your favourite colours
34.sweet thing
36.something ugly
37. Water
38. Handbag/suitcase contents
39.along the line of a favourite artist
40. Flower
45.childlike wonder

Asta xxx

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

'Always here for you'

My father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. For a little while I lost my mojo...but once again I am finding that art is solace for the soul.

My love to you. May you find what brings you peace.

God bless,

Asta x

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My photo essay of the shark cull protest.

Peace and harmony everywhere 
 Around 6,000 people turned up at Cottesloe Beach, in support of a nationwide protest against the West Australian government's shark culling program. AND I was there!

My activism has always been within my comfort zone (not sure if speeches are within my comfort zone actually), and protests have not been a part of that. Today I discovered that I can do it my way. I had no placard. I didn't get into the crowd where the speeches were taking place.

 I sat on the grassy hill in the shade, overlooking it all - with the elderly, the young families, the animals and I felt completely at peace... joyful and energised. All around me was kindness. Strangers meeting strangers. Animals being gently loved. We were all brought together by a common concern. I made some lovely connections. Animals are a delight. Humanity is good!!!
I really hope I don't look like this, but I just had to share a photo of me (rainbow hat) with my new friend Beryl. We sat together through the two hours of the official protest. She was really easy company. 
There were kind souls giving out free watermelon

Shark dog

A very mad cow

From my vantage point in the shade (with the babies, elderly and animals).


This is what delight looks like.

Even Anonymous is cross

Milly ( a rescue) and her human.

Where did these ducklings come from?

A man and his family

We don't want the sharks culled!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Enlightenment on a spring

 Something crazy is happening to me. My eyes are 'seeing'. 

I have started to take a photo a day and to stick it into a gratitude journal (though the instant camera photos are dear and I think sometimes I will just draw what I have seen). I am taking with me, into 2014, these words: Gratitude, Extreme Generosity and Safe. I think there might be more to come. It is so exciting to see the power in these words. 

 Normally if I go to the big shopping centres I feel overwhelmed and saddened by commercialism, but yesterday was different. I took my good friend's daughter out. She needed a hair cut, and to exchange a Christmas gift that didn't fit. She needed distraction. She is 13, and it was the anniversary of her brother's death, though initially when we planned the outing I had forgotten this. How wonderful that it worked out this way. I was feeling really big hearted. Which may sound surprising when I was acutely aware of the pain in my little friend's heart. 

 I saw pregnant women and was so excited for them. (Why was I not afraid for them, on a day like this?) A man smiled at me, really kindly. He actually made a point of engaging my eyes as he walked past me.  I noticed this little girl's flashing thongs (flip flops). She had to do a little tap dance to get them to flash. Her mum was incredibly gracious allowing this mad woman to take photos of her tap dancing daughter in the Ladies, of all places! 

When Gem and I went to exchange the dress (and queued for ages) I took out my phone and snapped the image of the moustache kit/ Kombi van for my son Elliot, who is in Paris, and tagged him on Facebook. He loves to have fun, and moustaches are his thing. He and I both laugh at the same things. 

 Then I spotted this bobbing Jesus for your dashboard. Oh poor Gemma. I laughed and laughed. (She's lucky I didn't snort laugh! Almost.) He was sitting right next to the condoms (what are they doing in clothes store???) and perfume or aftershave called Reckless. Am I the only one who thinks that is funny? (Elliot where are you when I need you? Paris!) Life is dangerous... we hang in here by a thin thread, but there is so much living to be done while we are here. I think we should be searching for these moments that make you laugh so loud that you embarrass the teenager you are with! (Sorry Gemma!)  - Asta xxx

I am still laughing about the 'Enlightenment on a spring'.... hahahaaha

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My final painting in the 365 Paintings Challenge.

My last painting - painting 365!!! 
Just dropping in to share my last painting in the 365 Paintings Challenge. I did it. I remember posting my first painting... sharing my dream with you. It seems like yesterday - it seems like forever ago too.

Dream your dreams. Set forth with wild crazy ideas. Persevere. Do what you feel passionate about. May 2014 be a most wonderful adventure.

Asta xxx