Monday, March 23, 2015

A recent commission.

Cayless - commissioned by a grateful friend and former employee. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

To blog or not to blog, and the pleasures of Instagram


Just touching base to let you know that I am around, just not terribly active on this blog. In fact I am considering if it is worth continuing the blog at all. Any thoughts? Tonight I can't even load a photo on here. Grrrr.

 Lately I have started putting more energy into my Instagram account. Find me at @asta_lander.
I find it appealing, as it is just the easiest from of social media out there. As a visual person it feeds me instantly.

 I opened my account years ago but I treated it as nothing more than a photo app and storage.

 Then I met other artists who were using it as a portfolio-on-the-go, I was able to put this into practise when I met a publisher (in the coffee queue) at the Perth Writer's Festival 2015. Out came the phone and my Instagram feed, She told me she has been advised to start an account.

My presence on Instagram isn't great... I am still very much a baby in that world, and I have much to learn. But it is a start, and it is pleasurable. Come and visit me. And if you are already there let me know who you are, or join up, and I will pop over and admire your photos.


Asta xx