Friday, January 3, 2014

Enlightenment on a spring

 Something crazy is happening to me. My eyes are 'seeing'. 

I have started to take a photo a day and to stick it into a gratitude journal (though the instant camera photos are dear and I think sometimes I will just draw what I have seen). I am taking with me, into 2014, these words: Gratitude, Extreme Generosity and Safe. I think there might be more to come. It is so exciting to see the power in these words. 

 Normally if I go to the big shopping centres I feel overwhelmed and saddened by commercialism, but yesterday was different. I took my good friend's daughter out. She needed a hair cut, and to exchange a Christmas gift that didn't fit. She needed distraction. She is 13, and it was the anniversary of her brother's death, though initially when we planned the outing I had forgotten this. How wonderful that it worked out this way. I was feeling really big hearted. Which may sound surprising when I was acutely aware of the pain in my little friend's heart. 

 I saw pregnant women and was so excited for them. (Why was I not afraid for them, on a day like this?) A man smiled at me, really kindly. He actually made a point of engaging my eyes as he walked past me.  I noticed this little girl's flashing thongs (flip flops). She had to do a little tap dance to get them to flash. Her mum was incredibly gracious allowing this mad woman to take photos of her tap dancing daughter in the Ladies, of all places! 

When Gem and I went to exchange the dress (and queued for ages) I took out my phone and snapped the image of the moustache kit/ Kombi van for my son Elliot, who is in Paris, and tagged him on Facebook. He loves to have fun, and moustaches are his thing. He and I both laugh at the same things. 

 Then I spotted this bobbing Jesus for your dashboard. Oh poor Gemma. I laughed and laughed. (She's lucky I didn't snort laugh! Almost.) He was sitting right next to the condoms (what are they doing in clothes store???) and perfume or aftershave called Reckless. Am I the only one who thinks that is funny? (Elliot where are you when I need you? Paris!) Life is dangerous... we hang in here by a thin thread, but there is so much living to be done while we are here. I think we should be searching for these moments that make you laugh so loud that you embarrass the teenager you are with! (Sorry Gemma!)  - Asta xxx

I am still laughing about the 'Enlightenment on a spring'.... hahahaaha

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My final painting in the 365 Paintings Challenge.

My last painting - painting 365!!! 
Just dropping in to share my last painting in the 365 Paintings Challenge. I did it. I remember posting my first painting... sharing my dream with you. It seems like yesterday - it seems like forever ago too.

Dream your dreams. Set forth with wild crazy ideas. Persevere. Do what you feel passionate about. May 2014 be a most wonderful adventure.

Asta xxx