Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Homeless Hudson

Hudson's melting eyes

and his concerned foster mum...

I am sitting on the floor, Hudson is on the sofa behind me (of course) and his paw is on my shoulder, his eyes are soft. He looks completely content. So different to the situation only weeks ago.
The evening he arrived at my home. 

I am writing this as therapy. I have never fostered an animal I have rescued before. It feels lonely. It reminds me of childbirth. Ultimately it is up to you, though you might have people supporting you in the background. Others are not living your day to day life, they may not have the same commitment and concern. I never intended to do the fostering, but I had to take on that responsibility when I couldn't find anyone in a position to do so. Not everyone is prepared to bend over backwards for a black, male ex-racing greyhound with some scrapes and bumps.

Our relationship was sealed with the phone call from the ranger, at that country pound. Once I knew about him I couldn't leave him there. And in all honesty I am so grateful to have him. My gentle giant with the melting eyes. He has confirmed to me that the welfare of animals is indeed a calling for me, and that greyhounds are my first priority as far as that is concerned.

Just days after arrival. Happy Hudson. 
If I could wave a wand our house would have doors, the boys (my male greyhound and Hudson) would not challenge each other, and could be safely left alone. All three greyhounds could be easily walked together. My cat would curl up beside his beautiful velvet black coat. And our council would be thanking me for having three dogs at my place. He would join our family. But it can't happen.

 Every night that I sleep between the boys in our lounge room, instead of my bed with my husband, I feel a sadness. And without a possible adopter (the original potential adopter has cats!) the weeks ahead seem troublesome. I wonder  what to do when I have to be away for a day... even just an hour or so. What about the weekend away in September?

Loves being loved.

I am grateful for the power of social media. Without it I would not have been able to raise awareness of his plight, nor had the finances for his initial vet work, coats, bed, worming and flea treatment and food. A friend drove him up from the pound to me, and paid his fee (stopping frequently because he was unwell). And one humble woman has quietly supported me, and financed a lot of what he has needed, all while going through terrible personal trauma.

My daughter and Hudson.
Now I look him in his trusting eyes and know that my heart will break when he leaves me (as he must), all the while longing for him to find the right person to stare into his eyes and love him as I do... or as my daughter and son do.

You might not be able to take Hudson into your life, but if you are in a position to rescue a dog (especially a greyhound) please consider it. They out give us at every turn.

Hudson you are a special, mellow fellow. May you find that person who will recognise that. Be blessed my  big cuddly bug. So glad we rescued you!

Your God Mum,

Asta x

We are in Perth, Western Australia. If you know anyone who might love Hudson, please let them know about us.