Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Simply Living Community Project - a manual

The sunset from my backyard in Western Australia
Did you love the big, big book swap? The feedback has been great so far, and I can't wait to hear some more. 

It was generous of you. It was an act of kindness this sharing of books from your own shelves. Books are flying all over the place to be read by a complete stranger - who is becoming a friend instead. It is bringing us together as a community. 

I think you are all wonderful! I am so encouraged that so many of you embraced this idea. 

Soooo I have a proposal for you... 

Would you like to be involved in another Simply Living Community project? A MANUAL!!! 

What if we tapped into the rich resource we have at The Simply Living Challenge? If we pooled our ideas on simple living? If Penny shared how to make a crocheted dish cloth, if Ann or Pen taught the practicalities of family cloths ( I know some of you are still not convinced and that is okay - okay?), if Doc shared tips on organic gardening, Catherine on parenting simply, Renee taught us homesteading tips, Georgina shared money saving ideas... if we shared ideas on slowing down, upcycling, the free fashion fast, making from scratch, healthy cheap eating, composting, living well on less, inner simplicity, caring for the world, conscientious  consuming, ... and how living simply helps others to simply live, and anything else we can squeeze in there.

 Hey think of The Tightwad Gazette - couldn't we do something similar to that? 

Would this help us in our day to day living? Could it help others? 

 Do you think a Simply Living Challenge manual could change the world one person at a time? 

Call me idealistic, but I do! 

So what do you think? What would you like to share with the community - with the world? What would you like to learn? You do not need to be an expert - you can be a total beginner. I believe we all have something to share, we just have to open our hearts up big enough to actually do something. 

Message me at The Simply Living Challenge or leave your details here - your email would be best. All comments come to me for moderation, so your contact details are safe with me and I will not publish them. 

Am I crazy to think this might just work? 

Asta x


  1. I could write something perhaps on consumer awareness, starting with FairTrade and going wider. Would that fit with what you have in mind, Asta?

  2. Ted I could hug you. Go ahead. This is perfect! Thank you so much. What an encourager you are. Peace and all good my friend. Asta

  3. Asta you have my email. I'd be happy to write about "All the toiletries and domestic cleaning products you need are bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, vinegar and borax" or extol the virtues of bokashi bran in humanure composting.

  4. I am doing a happy dance Ember! That is just marvellous. - Asta x