Sunday, April 1, 2012

'Close Enough to Hear God Breathe', by Greg Paul

This was a free book from In exchange I am expected to give an honest review. 

Greg Paul takes the reader through 'the great story' from the beginning of humankind to redemption. Along the way he weaves stories from the bible but also from life today, some very personal for Paul. It is this intimacy that makes this book so readable. He is a wonderful story teller, often poetic.
 It seems appropriate, this Easter season, to share a segment from his chapter entitled 'Dreaming of me'. Here we read the touching story of a' homeless' man from his community - where the wealthy and poor live, work and share their experiences and resources together - who dies alone at the bottom of a stairwell. He considers what this man might have been thinking as he lay there dying, perhaps he was 'dreaming of the life his son might have. The eternal night, falling, falling.' (He had left behind his family feeling they were better off without him, an addict. Paul wonders whether this might have been a huge sacrifice. Many might not see it this way. Certainly the family of this man show great understanding and forgiveness, and love at his funeral.)
And then Paul considers the thoughts of Jesus as he faced his death -  '....I can creep toward the squalid killing ground at the base of that eerie rock. Holy ground. He (Jesus) is sprawled on the timbers, and the soldiers are stretching out his arms and feet. His chest heaves in agitation, but he makes no sound. A hammer is raised. As it falls, he is gazing upward, dreaming of me.' Jesus dreaming of me. What a concept.
The book comes with a study guide, and so it could easily be used in a book club.
I enjoyed moments of this book, but I have to confess that I did find it easy to put down (perhaps not a good sign). However I really appreciated the heart behind this author, and so I wish him every success with his various ministries, including his writing.


  1. Thanks for sharing that excerpt Asta. What an image! That'll keep me thinking for a while...

  2. Hi Asta,
    I finally finished this book last night. I really enjoyed segments of it and found several places where I had to stop and reread a sentence because it was just beautifully and heart reaching-ly put. I wasn't as thrilled with the last third of the book, but that may just have been because I picked up the reading pace and began missing the soul of the writing. Thanks for sharing this book with me. It made me think and appreciate God's quest for intimacy with us a little more.