Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's challenge - Debt/Finances


 The Simply Living Challenge for May is - Debt/Finances, and my writing partner - Ellen Scott Grable is going to lead us. I just know we are going to have a few life changing moments. 

Some of you will remember that earlier in the year Ellen was giving me weekly challenges. One challenge was to live for one week without spending money (other than meeting debts). She had given me no warning, so I hadn't stockpiled. I remember thinking - How on earth will I feed my family, including two teens (one an 18-year-old young male who constantly eats me out of house and home)?  I bartered and 'paid it forward' to a fridge full of food, more food - and fresher food than we would normally have. I made from scratch. I felt like I was truly providing for my family. I grew closer to my friends as I became more dependent on their generosity and support.I knew the story behind everything I gathered. I also learnt what was important - and what I could do without. Amazing. 

Then she challenged me to write down every expenditure for a week. Oh my goodness - what perfect timing. After a week of spending nothing, any expenditure seemed so incredibly extravagant. ($3 for a second hand jumper - forget it. I will make do with something from home!) 

 Ellen has my utmost respect because she walks the talk. If we can learn anything about good money practises it will be from Ellen. So welcome aboard. (And she IS a sailor.) We have an interesting voyage ahead. 

Over to you Ellen.... 

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