Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Give a little love this Christmas. It is the only present we need.

The song is sung by Noah and The Whale and the video is by Graham Kervin. Thank you guys. Good job!!!

I just have to share this video. I think it is perfect for Christmas and leads us well into the new year. I dislike the commercial aspect of Christmas - the tinny music, the advertising, the fact that some will get into debt to buy presents that will, more often than not, end up in landfill. Some perhaps made by slave labour. (So once again our family is doing a 'no present' Christmas.) 

For me Christmas is about the outpouring of  the love of God who stooped down and became a humble man, who epitomised what we are capable of - kind, selfless, sweet Eucharistic love - poured out for the other.

Let's open our eyes, see the other, and offer kindness. There are a lot of hurting people out there at this time of year. 'They' may even be us. If we give love we will get love, not because 'the universe' owes us anything, but because of the ripple affect. It is just bound to happen. I can imagine a huge wave of kindness washing over the world this Christmas, and I sooo want to be a part of that. How about you? 

Peace, love and kindness my friends, 

Asta x

NB: A thank you to Karen Fowler (my old roomy and bridesmaid) who put me onto this lovely, lovely song and video. She is exactly like this video. 

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