Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 5/ Asta's 365 Paintings Challenge

Blue Eyed Hippy.

She was inspired by Sumara Brown - who looks good in a hat, and face painting Kristie Pansini.

Thanks for all the Facebook support!!! I value each and every 'like' and comment. Today was hard. Trying not to think about the next 360....

Asta x


  1. Hey Asta, great paintings so far.. And I completely relate to the fear of the next days and weeks and months. I've been fearful of how much I have set myself to do each day, and I woke up today feeling like 'I have to do my drawing, a drawing of myself (a new thing I've decided to do), 10 min meditation and my photo a day'. And on top of that I was worried about getting the perfect thing to draw. But I realised today that just getting something done as early as possible is most important to me - otherwise I feel like it's hanging over me.. Too much pressure..

    Keep up the great work, Robyn xx

  2. Robyn, I have been thinking about you - so I was so pleased to see you pop up. Yes I find that getting it done early is the only way. I started late one day and I really did find it much harder to get started. Then it ate into my day and I didn't have the same joy. Ironically that was the day that I painted a smiling 'me'. I start my day outside with one of my gorgeous rescued greyhounds (my shadow) usually really early - any time between 5 and 6. I pray and write in my journal. Then I paint! I try to be finished by 10 at the very latest, but that did not happen today. I fussed and fussed over this painting, even though I started earlier than normal. Well I guess that is all part of the journey. Today I lack confidence in my ability but I will push through. Oh and yes - I had that same feeling today about needing to paint that 'perfect thing'. Funny isn't it? It is about the journey more than anything. So let's hold onto our hats and enjoy the ride. Asta x

  3. Gosh, Asta, she's beautiful!

    xo Sumara.