Monday, December 2, 2013

How many paintings do you have to paint to create one good one?

Part of my 365 Challenge
600... that is how many photos one photographer took in order to come up with 7 absolutely brilliant ones!*

I have now painted 338 paintings. How many are good? Are any brilliant? Maybe only 2 or 3. I was hurt to see a comment on my FB art page today - 'Some real kindergarten stuff...'. I wrote a long reply justifying myself. Then I went back and deleted it. Instead I replied - "Yep, so true. Of course.'

Of course there will be more bad paintings than good paintings. Of course. But buried in amongst them will be some gems, worth celebrating. And I could talk about the journey and the showing up, the discipline. Or even about sickness, lack of resources, and squeezing painting around commitments. But instead, today, I will celebrate what I have painted well.

This painting is on its way to live in Ontario in the famous Tiny House there!

Peace be with you my friends,

Asta x

*Sean Gentry's article at petapixel.


  1. Hi Asta,

    I just had to comment on this. I started 2013 hoping to do a drawing a day - and I can tell you for a certain fact that if someone thinks your paintings are "some real kindergarten stuff" then my stuff wouldn't even be - let's put it this way. I've always wanted to draw/paint but have very rarely let myself try. I find it so hard to even put pen/pencil to paper with all the negative stuff in my head. When I do draw I'm actually quite proud of it - it's nowhere near as good as your paintings - I can't draw/paint people or animals - but I feel so proud and excited to actually get something out and onto paper. So I did maybe a week or two of drawing at the start of 2013 and then gave up. I'm hoping to get a bit more done this year.

    I'm glad you could just 'let go' the horrible comments someone made about your painting. I don't know what they expect when you're doing one painting a day! Surely paintings like the ones you've been doing are meant to take more than one day! Anyway, I really appreciate your paintings and thanks for sharing them with us, Robyn xx

    1. Robyn would you consider giving me your email address (I moderate all comments here so I won't make that public) or contacting me at my fb art page - astalanders365paintingschallenge. I would really love to mentor you through 365 drawings in 2014. I know you can do this!! How? Because I did it!!! I did what was in my heart. Asta xxx