Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the season for re-gifting tra la la la la la la la la....

In the last few days I have given away many loved items. Some of these things came straight off my wall or from around my neck, others were one-day-ers. If one day comes I am sure I will be able to replace them. And how sweet it was to see that I had made the right matches with my gifts. I feel I could give almost everything away now. I could almost do a 'St Francis'. Only my library holds me back from doing this completely, and I rather like my computer! And I have my family reminding me that they do have a say about shared items.

What excites me is that I am not the only one doing this now, this re-gifting.It really doesn't have the stigma it used to. Maybe it depends on how much love goes into it. At our staff party yesterday my Secret Santa gave me a re-gifted gift - two treasured books, one wrapped in a beautiful handmade book wrap! A card said how hard it had been to part with these books that she had read and re-read over many, many years. My language was being spoken and it took all my emotional energy not to cry. It really made me think - anyone can grab a present from a shop shelf, not everyone can give a treasure away. When they do it makes the gift very special indeed ( as long as the recipient is like me and gets it, I guess).

My dear friend Caroline sent me her copy of the Christmas edition of the Australian Woman's Weekly. It just arrived this morning. It is so refreshing to read of people who want, amongst other non material things, 'calm' for Christmas. There is an article about faith and Christmas with one lady featured sharing about how her family buy practical gifts for those in developing countries (two Secret Santa gifts were these yesterday, actually one from me), and a simple liver gets a mention in the Christmas day section. There could be more. This was all gleaned from my first casual flick.

The internet has lots of stories about alternative Christmases - ones that are going back to good old family values, and there seems a lot of talk about it in general.

 Can anyone else feel the shift in the universe? Things are a foot. I wonder if it is just the company I keep, but I don't think it is just that. Materialism isn't what it used to be. It's lies are bringing it undone. People don't want to be in debt to a lie any more!!!

It is funny that as I prepare my heart for Christmas and focus on the coming of Christ, I am also preparing to foster/adopt a rescued greyhound. I told a friend at church about simplifying my life and in the same breath I told her about my dog. She thought that was a contradiction in terms, only it's not, is it? I think I am finally getting it. My life is better when it focuses on relationships - my relationship with my creator God, my husband and children, my extended family, my friends and my pets!

Merry Christmas and if you haven't thought of re-gifting can I suggest you have a go. Pick your recipients carefully and give them something you love. Then watch their reaction and note how happy and free you feel. It really is a gift within a gift. Consider also the value in giving the gift of yourself - the gift of our time. Everyone loves focused attention.

It was said that He (Jesus) would be called the Prince of Peace. May peace be within you and yours this Christmas.


Asta x


  1. What a refreshing story and yes kindness and thought are afoot along with old fashioned ideas about thrift. A dear friend of mine gave me the last of her brand new Arbonne skin care stock when she retired as a rep and it is making the rounds this Christmas through friends and relatives who even passing it along to their loved ones and everyone loves it. An expensive quality product it was gifted to me and so I am sending it freely out into the world. Lipgloss and eyelash conditioner is heading to New Orleans to be either accepted by my daughter or passed on to her friends...her choice. Either way it is a gift. She can enjoy or be able to give to someone she knows who will appreciate it. I gave baskets and bags of my organic pomegranates to people who love poms. The gift of health. I'm making up a few small basic first aid kits in Ziplocs to pass out to the homeless this week too. Today a friend gave me a copper enamel necklace which had belonged to her mother. I love it!

    May we all experience Peace now and in the coming year...s.


  2. Oh Ellen, I love what you are doing. Isn't it fun thinking outside of the box and gifting things we may never have thought of in the past. The poms - the gift of health - lovely. The first aid kits. Sharing the gift you were given - with no strings attached. A necklace given - not a reject but with sentimental value. Lovely.

  3. I like your re-gifting idea, Asta. It reminds me of a dear friend who used to do this with things that were precious to her.Sadly some people never understood and took offence but I guess that's the same with anything.

  4. Asta, I am loving reading your blogs. Your spirituality and love shine through. Thank you for the positive influence you have on my precious daughter. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas...whenever I think of the little Christ baby laying so simply in a stable I wonder what on earth us humans have done to the real meaning of Christmas? Here's to simplicity, peace and most of all love for everyone now and into the new year.
    I feel a shift also in what people actually want from life...there seems to be a new depth and searching for meaning and fulfillment? Funny isn't it that possessions and material things can't satisfy for long...we all need a spiritual grounding and something to hope in.
    Love Sophies mum X

  5. Thank you guys for taking the time to read my blog and to write a comment. It does my heart good! Asta x