Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This spacious place before New Year.

Christmas was 'simply' marvellous. It started with a  'Santa' gift for our 14-year-old, a big animal rights supporter. She was genuinely happy with her certificate informing her that on her behalf a donation had been made to Animals Australia. (I feel like I have done something right. I wonder how many kids would be happy with this.)

 Four of us took ourselves to church at the decent time of 10.30. We took our time to prepare food and by mid afternoon we were joined by my best friend and her family, down from the city. It made my heart sing to see those teenagers sitting around our dining room table happily playing board games and cards, with no prompting from me. We exchanged no gifts, as planned, and I don't think anyone felt deprived.

The highlight for me though - was the addition of our rescued greyhound. We collected him from his foster carer just before Christmas. It was a 6 hour round trip. What a pleasure it was to share Christmas with him - and most of all to give him a forever home. He is so very worthy of love and we are privileged to have this gentle, placid, regal and most kindly creature in our home. (If you want to know more check out GreyhoundAngels of Western Australia on Facebook.)

 I am happy that Christmas was not materialistic and that our greatest fun came from family, friendship and a dog we've named Jasper (Jasper - a red gemstone - because he is red, and that was his former name, and he is a gem!).

I love that we have this spacious place now just after Christmas and before New Year to reflect on the year and to look forward to the new one.

I am encouraged that we managed to get through the Christmas period with our ideals in tact.

I feel hopeful that I truly can live more simply and that I will breathe a little easier in 2012 because I am finally living by my convictions. I don't have a long list of resolutions this year. I have a visual journal with images and words that support my growing vision of simple living - and a heart of gratitude for things beyond stuff.


  1. Hello Asta

    Firstly, what a precious gift- your greyhound to your family and your family to this very gentle loving creature. Congratulations on the smooth transition.

    I come to your blog in the wake of our brief but inspiring chat about simplifying life and your example of offering up a treasured spinning wheel and next your guitar. Some years back a friend offered up to me a glistening green leafy bunch of spinach. It was the only bunch growing in her tiny suburban garden. In response to me protesting and unnecessarily pointing out it was her only, her last, she said she liked giving away what she thought she needed or wanted and found it liberating. I was overwhelmed by this profoundly simple and gracious act and the careful and reflective thinking behind it. Our chat the other day about simplicity and simplifying has brought me full circle – back to my friend and her view of giving. I feel it’s a courageous act to give up on our treasures as we find ourselves in all too familiar emotional territory – the what ifs of it all, what if I find I need it later, what if I don’t have enough, what if…We can what if our lives away. I am personally challenged on various levels - my values, spirituality, ethics and fears. All too often I endure the self scrutiny and fail to act and still confuse myself over what role my possessions play in my life. So I am left to ponder and procrastinate as I turn away from the task of simplifying. But if nothing else, I stand in the face of not just a task I face but a conscious letting go. So thank you Asta for your blog and your sharing. Also here is a little event you may be interested in for this year. See: http://www.enjoyperth.com.au/events/the-cruelty-free-festival-subiaco

    I was thinking how wonderful it would be to have one in Narrogin! Or perhaps a Simplicity Festival??:)

    I wish you well with your visioning and journeying.


  2. What a thoughtful response Susan. I am very grateful that you took the time to write a comment - but most of all for pondering the idea of what simplifying may mean in your life - for your reflection on our conversation. I especially loved your story about the gift of spinach.
    Bless you. Asta x

  3. Hi Asta,
    He is every bit as beautiful as you described to us on email. I look forward to finding out what 2012 has in store for all of us.