Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Launching - The Simply Living Challenge

Today I launched my first Facebook page to coincide with Day One of my new 'The Simple Living Challenge'. In the Info section I wrote as an explanation: The author Gretchen Ruben took 'happiness' and made it her project ('The Happiness Project"). I am taking 'simple living' and making it mine. As Gretchen explored her thoughts on happiness others joined the journey. Each month I will post the challenge I am setting for myself - and it is my hope that, like Gretchen, I will have companions on the way. 

For a very long time I have been exploring what simplicity means for me. I have notebook after notebook filled with ideas and books galore on the subject, but I feel a strong call now to do more than write or read about it. Now I need to take action. And in fact I have been. 

So this is the plan. Each month I will set myself a challenge - really what I will be doing is a lot of pondering... and I am hoping that this will lead to action. During this time I will write about how the challenge is going and invite comments. What I would like most is for others to share what has worked for them or what has not - to have a friend or two (or more) to walk along with me. The simple way is not new. Christ, St Francis and Thoreau (amongst others) are my inspiration. 

Now to get me started I'd really appreciate some ideas. I need at least one challenge a month. I know what I will do for November (that is Buy Nothing New month) but how about the rest of the year? January would be as good as any place to start. 

Will you join me on this adventure? It could change our lives. 

Asta x


  1. Hello, I am not sure what to suggest? I would say a simple life is plain, not fancy. Cooking from scratch instead of frozen,packets,tins or take-away.
    I love your doll she is so sweet. She looks like something from the roaring twenties.I hope others have better suggestions. Crystal Mary

  2. I like what you have suggested Crystal Mary - the cooking from scratch, take away...Food wastage is something I am mulling over at the moment. Thank you for walking with me. Asta x

  3. Oh and thank you for the comment about my 'doll'. I made her for a friend in Ireland. She is made from found bits and pieces - nothing new. A x

  4. February could be "show your love without emptying your wallet" month. Creative ways to show your love not just for a husband or lover but friends and family in ways which are green and meaningful. A favorite home cooked meal, making a photo album ala "this is your life" with special photos or maybe doing a chore for that person that they either dread or just don't have time to get to.

  5. How about starting a vegie patch? Even if you don't grow much for your table (lettuce and shallots are easy & great to always have on hand), there's something about digging in the earth, watering, and just enjoying nature that is incredibly enriching, relaxing. A "simple" pleasure ...

  6. I have never had success in that area - maybe it's time to give it a go. :)