Monday, June 4, 2012

Counter cultural mums unite!

 ( Not the most flattering photo of me, but a special photo none the less.)

This week I return to our home as a full time, stay at home mum of two teenagers. I feel blessed that I have a family who welcome me home. I feel blessed that I know we will make ends meet because the simple life allows us to. I feel blessed that I have no confusion about the path I am on. I am free. I am living my values. I feel closer to God, and at peace.

In my mind's eye our house is clapping its hands and smiling. Every now and then it does a bit of a leap in the air and a heel click. Mum's home! (I'm thinking it's a good thing this is only happening in my imagination!)

Tomorrow I will sit on the verandah and eat with my son during his lunch hour. How many times will I be able to do this? Our other son had left home at his age. I feel a sense of urgency - a deep desire to drink in these precious moments.

And in the afternoon I will welcome our daughter home with 'high tea', she'll study or maybe read while I'll prepare dinner, and then we will walk our much loved Jasper (the rescued greyhound) through the bush. We'll talk and talk.

Later I will sit with my husband around the fire, the cats at our feet, while we drink tea or wine. The kids will have been 'heard' by me, the dog will be doing his greyhound thing (sleeping... well as long as he doesn't get too excited about seeing his 'dad' home), and so he and I will be able to give each other some focused attention.

Tomorrow I may clean, I may not. I know I will cook.

Punctuated throughout the day will be intentional times of prayerful silence and stillness. I'll write in my journal. I'll drink cuppas.

Tomorrow will be lovely.

I know the best made plans can come unstuck, but even if they do, it has been wonderful dreaming of them tonight.

Below is a link to a quick 'Thank you mum' video. Makes me wonder what my kids would say, especially when they have left home. Not sure if I want them to say some of the things these guys say ... covering for that guy when he burnt down a forest?! What I do know is that all kids are grateful when we are engaged in their lives. And it works two ways - mums love being loved. It is certainly the case for us.

My love to all the mums reading this.

To all the mums whose children have left home, and who don't live close by.

My love to all those women who long to be a mum and aren't yet, and may never be.

My love to the mothers who have lost a child. I weep with you.

My love to the mums who struggle to care for their children, to those who may not have access to their children. My love especially to drug addicts and prisoners.

My love to the women who are mums because they foster children with great love or because they look out for the children in their sphere of influence.

My love to the mums who are heart broken when they have no choice but to leave their children in care while they work.

My love to the mothers who don't know where their children are, or who have to stand by as they watch their children in pain.

My love to new mothers, to school mothers, to older mothers. To mothers of all races and religions, and all nations.

My love to the women who have taken me under their wing. My love to my mum!
..... and my love to Riva, Elliot and Tim

Be blessed all.

Asta x

(I should have written this for Mothers Day!)

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