Thursday, June 14, 2012

God's Car - how we got a free family car.

 God just gave us a car. 

Here is the story -  

Last weekend I got a phone call from a dear friend, who I haven't seen for a few months. 

"How are your cars going?" she asked me straight up. Odd question, I thought. 

"Well...." and I launched into the sad tale of how I got stranded in an intersection when my 22-year-old car broke down, and how for 2 days it was left on a main street with a handwritten note on the dashboard -'Flat Battery'. It turned out to be an accurate guess - and the alternator or something. 

I told her that my husband really wanted to sell his old 6 cylinder car because it costs too much to run. That we don't want to insure or register two cars, and that we want to use the small amount of money from its sale to help one of our children with something very important. That we longed for one decent family car. 

She listened quietly and then she said this -

"We would like to give you our car." And laughed. Later she said she just knew that something had to be up with our cars. And she said, "Your kids always loved our car." The exact words they repeated to me when I told them. 

This is how it all worked out. Her dear father died and left her some money. They bought a new car - to 'see them out'. They prayed about who their car should go to. Both came up separately with the same name - 'The Landers'. And so their loved car - which has new tyres, a new number plate, 6 months registration (they did this for us) and a near new CD player, and is in top condition because my friend's husband is a mechanic and it has been kept in a garage (whew what a mouth full) - became the Lander's family car. 

Yippeee and Wahooo. 

PS - Earlier in the year I finally asked God for a newer, reliable car. I have always felt a little odd about this type of prayer - a little guilty. Though I have to admit the day my car broke down  I was wondering if the reason I didn't have a new car was because I hadn't really known what to pray for - and so I updated my prayer and said to God - "If this isn't a silly thing to ask for - could we just have a reliable family car?"  And then the phone rang.... 

Thanks my friends.

Thanks be to God!

Asta x 


  1. Why would you feel guilty about this? I should think God sometimes wonders why, when prayer is so effective, we don't more often just ask him for what we would like. What I love about gifts like this is that the blessing goes on and on. You will always be grateful for your friends that they did this for you, God will bless them for being unselfish and not greedy, they will always think of you with a pleased happy feeling because you will remind them of something they did that was good, your friendship will be strengthened, and your finances - on and on.
    May you have many happy years faithful service from your blessing car. xxx

  2. It is funny you would write this Pen. My friends told me they were even more happy delivering the car to us (they drove from another town) than they were picking up their new car.

    I will be driving it for the first time, without its previous owners, to the Eucharist service this morning. I am ridiculously excited! And I don't even like driving. :) Asta

  3. it always makes me so happy to to hear about generosity

  4. And Wimmera I have heard of two others that have been given away recently. Isn't that wonderful?! - A x

  5. Oh Asta what a truely wonderful story this is. =) xx

  6. Thanks for sharing this great answer to prayer and thanks for dropping by my blog! You are a winner of my humorous devotional, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks: Tips to Avoid Life's Pits!

  7. This is such a beautiful story! This is how sharing blessings must be. It all seemed serendipitous, didn’t it? I think your family was really being blessed when that car was made available to you. I hope you’ve been enjoying your new car!